Overview of IGCSE

The Cambridge IGCSE is based on the United Kingdom’s General Certificate of Secondary Education, adapted for international students. It is taught in over 10,000 schools in 160 countries.

As a Cambridge International Education accredited school, Gymnasium Livingston is able to provide students with access to these qualifications, which are recognised globally as a fundamental metric of understanding in subjects taken.

Universities will consider a student’s IGCSE profile as part of their overall admissions portfoilio, with a good IGCSE in English Language being recognised in place of IELTS or CELTA certificates.

An added benefit of the IGCSE is that it provides students not just with subject knowledge, but helps them develop enquiry, creative thinking and problem solving skills essential for success in both school-leaving examinations, and beyond.

Each IGCSE is taught over Years 1 and 2 of the Gymnasium with externally assessed examinations sat during April and May of Year 2.

Benefits of IGCSE

Helps students

to become confident, reflective, responsible, innovative and engaged

Varied assessment

to include project work, oral examinations and school-based assessment


able to be integrated with the Czech RVP, and accommodate language learners

A tried and tested programme

developed and refined over decades

Global recognition

A Golden Standard that is understood around the world

Subjects offered

Students are offered the following subjects during Years 1 and 2 of our Gymnasium. Each course is delivered over at least 130 guided teaching hours over two years.

English Language

International Mathematics

Computer Science


Double Award
(Biology, Chemistry and Physics)


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